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On Sunday 4th of February, we left Kavala, our destination being
Budapest, capital of Hungary. When we arrived, after getting sorted into our respective rooms at the hotel, we went out with the other four groups from Italy, Turkey, Germany and Hungary, and visited the Citadella monument. On Monday, we went to the Hungarian high school for the first time, where we and the other groups got in mixed groups and got to know each other via interactive games and small projects, then voted for our program?s official logo. Lastly, we watched the Hungarian short films and
discussed the techniques used and social issues shown.  The following day, we had to work through and analyze shooting techniques in the school, then in the afternoon, each team was given a leaflet of instructions and a questionnaire to fill in as part of the treasure hunt games. This way, we had the opportunity to explore both sides of the city and bond with our teams.

On Wednesday morning, we left the town center to visit the exhibition in the Korda Film Studios, where we were also given a tour of the exterior shooting studios. Upon returning to the school, we presented the short films of our school.

Come Thursday, the Italian and Turkish movies were presented, with discussions on the social problems they each depicted. Afterwards, we visited Orsz?gh?z, the Hungarian Parliament building and walked along the banks of Danube, reaching the Basilica of St. Stephen.


On Friday, our last day in Budapest, we watched the German movies and worked on analyzing them in the morning, then completed a format, evaluating our meeting?s success, before leaving for our last visit at the Central Market Hall, and the National Museum of Hungary. We returned to the school briefly, to hold an official closing ceremony of the meeting. At night, all teams, students and teachers alike, dined together, before we bid our goodbyes at the hotel.        On Saturday, February 10th, we returned to Kavala, after having to stop at the Ciampino airport in Rome.