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“Learning Cultures by Cinema”


The current technological era in which our adolescents were born has provided them with the necessary tools and knowledge that are needed in the current general profile of the graduate. However, schools find it difficult to keep up with their ever-changing needs and interests. This is why, students currently tend to tackle the school subjects superficially, as they consider books and traditional teaching methods outdated and tedious. Another need identified in our schools is for students to become more involved in the life of their communities. There are only few students who are currently active in the field of volunteering. This is how the project idea started.

Our  partnership includes 5 schools from DE, IT, GR, HU, TR.

It addresses a target group of students aged 14-18 and teachers of  English language, ICT, Humanitarian Studies and..more .

It involves 3 essential dimensions : cultural, educational and professional.


Our aim is to improve digital competences and language skills through movie-making, intent on tackling social issues, highlighting differences and similarities and putting emphasis on fundamental values.


The project will enable students:

  • To enhance practical skills related to film-making
  • To develop creativity and critical thinking skills
  • To develop communication and interpersonal skills
  • To determine students to actively approach social issues
  • To recognize different cultural marks and analyze similarities and differences
  • To improve level of English and acquire basic level of other languages